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Never regret the days when the life showed you the most brutal face of it. The day life made you think that the world is dark and a dangerous place to live will surely be the day a hero is reborn. Life acts differently for all persons. How we deal with it makes our life similar to that of great successful people; success has only one taste, feeling and irreplaceable meaning that is the success itself. Vinay, a renowned HRD trainer cum Personal coach and the founder of CPositive has yet another inspirational story behind the making of a CPositive.

He was born into a poor family located in a village called Chowara with limited facilities for their living. Vinay’s father lost his job while he was pursuing his pre-degree classes and there started the war between survival and life. When he was a kid, he showed exceptional talent in singing and mimicking great personalities of the time. However, the financial state of the family was getting worse by each passing day. During these hardships, Vinay completed his post-graduate degree in commerce and met the expenses for his studies working as a cleaning agent in a factory site on the outskirts of the city. His natural instinct for culinary art convinced him to start up a career in the food industry and was offered an awesome job in Dubai, the city of wonders.

The destiny again took him to the void side of its and was declared medically unfit for the hotel industry. The situations at home were taking a wrong side which prompted him to take up the job of a door-to-door marketing executive for all the 14 districts of the state. With the money he gained from his bone-breaking job, he started a small venture for insurance and training consultation. Unfortunately, it ended up in a big financial crisis, and he describes those days as the warm-up period for making him a better person with the right wisdom.

With several business ideas running through his mind, he slowly and steadily became an undefeated entrepreneur. His suffering childhood is still his dark days of life, and with the aim to brighten the troublesome phases of youngsters he instituted a Personal Coaching Academy. Now he has 700 clients and more than 12 office staffs to help him in this great social cause. He makes sure that a better India is born with each inspirational class and won’t take a penny if he finds it a failure.

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Benefits of online personal training courses
  • Improves Personal and Professional relationships
  • Get on the path to Financial Independence
  • Smart work pays more than hard work
  • Stop struggling and start living your life
  • Having quality time for your family
  • Discover the love of your life, if you really haven’t found
Introspection & Self-Awareness
The Ability to Tell a Story
Communication skill